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Naomi is the owner/creator of Naomi Nickerson Ceramics. Originally from the East Coast, Naomi and her family settled in the Denver area. Several years ago, Naomi took a pottery class at the local recreation center. She began to make little pinch pot planters, which were well received. 

Naomi Nickerson Ceramics is a small, independent ceramics studio. Our planters were born from a desire to create practical yet playful works of art that nurture plants and inspire happiness.

In order to keep up with the demand, Naomi learned how to make molds and use slip casting in order to create more products in a more uniform and efficient way. Naomi creates each maquette, mold, and mother mold herself as well as fettling, smoothing, and finishing each piece so that each planter is unique, one of a kind, individually created functional work of art.

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